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Veterinary Medical Applications
This class will introduce students to basic medical terminology, exam procedures, safety protocols, customer relations and more as they relate to veterinary medicine. This will NOT be a class for the faint hearted. Students will be exposed to a wide range of scientific principles, such as genetics, anatomy, physiology/nutrition, disease, pests, and management practices. The scientific processes of observation, measurement, hypothesizing, data gathering, interpretation, analysis, and application are stressed. Career opportunities and educational preparation are examined. Learning activities are varied, with classroom, laboratory, and field experiences emphasized. Students should REALLY be considering a career as a veterinarian, a registered vet technician, a research scientist, or is into animal health/careers such as kennel owner or groomer. This course is a full-year commitment.


Veterinary Medical Applications Syllabus Micah Woods 8/26/2015 22 KB



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